Noosa Luxury
Property Care

Our professional luxury home services provides exceptional quality maintenance to the owners of some of the most prestigious, private holiday properties in Noosa, Sunshine Beach and Noosa’s eastern beaches. 


Welcome 'home'

Enjoy coming back to your Noosa holiday home with everything immaculately prepared for your arrival.


Under one roof

Have no more hassle chasing up various maintenance or repair people, as we manage everything for you.


You're in good hands

Aspire is a leading Noosa property management group with over 15 years experience in the industry.

Your Noosa Luxury Property Care Services

Everything is possible when it comes to meeting your expectations.

Let us tailor a professional luxury home management plan specifically for you, including from the following services options.

Property Maintenance

Housekeeping and Cleaning

Private Concierge

Security and Protection

Emergency Management

Water Leak Protection

At Noosa Luxury Property Care, we understand that owners of prestigious, private holiday homes may not have the time to look after their valuable property asset. They need trusted help, local to their holiday property, to make sure it is well cared for in between their visits to Noosa.

Until recently, owners of private holiday homes not in a holiday letting arrangement have been left in the cold when it comes to luxury property maintenance service. Noosa Luxury Property Care fills that gap, offering owners of private holiday homes a professional home maintenance, housekeeping, and caretaking service.


Our specialist home maintenance services are now supporting owners of some of the most prestigious properties in Noosa, Sunshine Beach and Noosa’s eastern beaches. For our discerning clients, we offer peace of mind that your property asset is well looked after, and its value is maintained and enhanced.


Allow us the opportunity to provide you with a no-obligation proposal and estimate of our services.

Specialist Noosa holiday home maintenance

Your unique advantage

Noosa Luxury Holiday Care clients benefit from a unique advantage with our specialised approach to Noosa private holiday home maintenance, housekeeping, and caretaking.


We call it our ‘Property Bible’, a web-based application that we have developed specifically to provide an excellent standard of luxury home maintenance services. A web-based application that we have specifically designed, the Property Bible holds every idiosyncratic detail about a particular luxury property’s management requirements.


This means our staff have everything they need to know to best service the property, including specific owner instructions, directly at their fingertips, when they are in situ servicing your property.

Reasonable service fees

High end home maintenance

With Noosa Luxury Property Care, you can experience exceptional quality, high-end home maintenance, housekeeping, and caretaking services at reasonable service fees.


To achieve this, we will provide a costed estimate proposal that is then charged monthly based on an hourly services rate, with clients only paying for the services required.

Range of services

Noosa Luxury Property Rentals

For owners of luxury private holiday homes that may wish to consider holiday-letting, or residentially renting their properties, our affiliate, Aspire Property Management, provides the complete range of property rental management services.


This includes Noosa Luxury Holidays and Aspire Permanent Property Rentals.


Luxury Maintenance you can trust

Noosa Luxury Property Care offers professional luxury home maintenance that you can trust. Let us take over the complexities of managing your private Noosa holiday home, so you can relax at home and on holiday.


To discuss the benefits of our services and receive a no-obligation proposal and estimate based on your needs, please contact us.